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  • Hierogamous Hymns is our first publication, a collection of original lyrics by Michael Halm and Razilee Purdue. (email CFO)


ARTICLES from a variety of publications

CASPER (Science Fair '65, my first computer)

As-yet unpublished short stories:



coordinated by Spiek the Vulcan, includes:

The André Joyce Appreciation Society’s pages include Joyce’s many eclectic interests:


  • Aesop's Travels will be a hyperbook, science fictional updating of Aesop's Fables

  • Astonishing, Bald and Barefoot Saints will be a collection of stories of saints arranged by their titles, such as, Christina the Astonishing, Alphege the Bald and Margaret the Barefooted.

  • The Before and After Saint Book will be a collection of stories about saints arranged in two parts -- the anonymous pre-conversion life and the post-conversion saint as we now know them.

  • The chronology is my on-going record of noteworthy events over several billion years.

  • Companions will be a collection of the little known saints, usually martyred with more well known saints, to help increase the appreciation of our “cloud of witnesses"

  • I'm A Believer will be a novel about a couple of college-age Catholics involved in early Church renewal and the sexual counterrevolution set in the late 1960s.

  • Kitty's Cousins is my on-going genealogical research dedicated to Kathleen Marie Halm

  • Mary Men will be a collection of lives of saints with great devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Them That Have Wings is a science fiction novel about Leonardo da Vinci's time machine and his travels from ancient Crete to the far future.

  • The Wings of Dawn is a Billy Sigerson mystery begun as a serial in The Norbury Chronicle

The Rise and Fall of the Sheshak Empire is the science fictional epic about the last intergalactic empire, which has an extensive backstory already.

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