(including creative anachronistic "kipling")

*"filksong" is a variant of "folksong" used to refer to sf & f songs

           [for my own see fandom articles.]

"The Anvil"

"Aragorn's Song"

"The Asteroid Light"

"An Astrologer's Song"

"Bajoran Gratitude Festival Song"

"The Ballad of Darth Vader"

"The Ballad of Lost C'Mell"

"The Ballad of Minepit Shaw"

"The Best Star Pilot in the Galaxy"

"Beyond the Horizon"



"A British-Roman Song"


"A Counting-out Song"


"E'lamelanie's Song"

"Eddi's Service"

"The Engineer's Hymn"
"The Epical History of the War of the Rings"

"Eternal Loser"

"Fairies' Seige"

"Falling Down on New Jersey"

"The Fall of Gil-galad"

"Farewell We Call"

"The Father's Daughter's Song"

"Four Angels"

"Frodo's Lament"


"Galadriel's Lament"

"Gandalf the Grey"

"God Lives on Terra"

"Harry Mudd"

"I Hate Little Fire Lizards"

"I Sit Beside the Fire and Think"

"In the Neolithic Age"

"In the TARDIS"

"Innsmouth Lullaby"

"In Western Lands"

"The King's Task"

"The Land"

"The Last Mourner"

"The Lensmen Academy Fight Song"

"Luck Is Hot"

"The March of the Slan"

"The Mighty Starship Song"


"My Kingdom Lies Under the Ocean"

"Nirodel and Amroth"

"Norman and Saxon"

"A Norstrilian Song"

"The Oliphant"

"O, Orofarnë""The Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster Blues"

"The Pict Song"

"A Pilgrim's Way"

"The Pirates in England"

"Puck's Song"

"The Rabbi's Song"

"Rainbow Time Machine"

"The Reeds of Runnymede"



"The River's Tale"

"The Road Goes Ever On and On"

"The Roman Centurian's Song"

"Romulus and Remus"

"The Sack of the Gods"

"The Sands of Arrakis"

"Scanners Live In Vain"

"The Servant That Reigneth"

"Sing Hey! For the Bath"

"Sir Richard's Song"

"Smaug the Magic Dragon"


"Song of the Men's Side"

"The Story of Ung"

"Star Fleet Life"

"The Tale of the Enterprise"

"There's an Amoeba"

"The Thousandth Man"

"Three Rings for the Elven Kings"

"Through the Wardrobe"

Tinúviel and Beren

To the Sea

A Tree Song

"'Twas the Night Before Threadfall"


"The Underpeople Song"

"Upon the Hearth"


"With the Trees"



"Wong's Lost and Found Emporium"

"Wouldn't It Be Logical"