of Michael Joseph James Halm

continuing activities

1975- member of Mensa

1984- Secular Franciscan Order (including historian, novice master, and ecology chairperson in Our Lady of Presentation and St. Anthony fraternities), editor of Presentation prayer line list

1986- godfather to Lisa and Pam Morgan, contributing editor to My People newspaper

1987- godfather to Melody, Angela, Bryan, and Coleman Beall

1988- knight of Militia Immaculata (Knights of the Immaculata), editor of The Norbury Chronicle, Holmesian Studies SIG of American Mensa

1989- CFO of Hierogamous Enterprises

1991- member of Franciscans International,  Acts 2:42 HBC (home-based community)

1992- co-worker in Presentation Ministries lay association

1994- member of the Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena and cartoonist for Edge to Edge strip in My People

1995- crossword puzzle writer for My People, leader of a Baker Street Irregulars (BSI) scion

1998- member of PM co-worker team in charge of Baptismal cards

2002- editor for, contributor to On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS)

2003- publisher of the play, The Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, team member in Great International Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS)

2006- contributor to Wold Newton Universe and Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB)

2007- contributor to Zooniverse fka Galaxy Zoo

2011- publisher of Psalms, Hymns and Inspired Songs

2014- publisher of ProverbialsCrosswords with Jesus and Reignbeau's Riddles and Rhymes

2015- publisher of The Wizard Who Couldn’t and Other Basilian Tales and Sherlock Holmes and the Mad Doctor

2017- publisher of The Xoo Book a guide to exozoology

2018- publisher of Good News You May Have Missed in the last 30 years

2019- publisher of Hieroscopes for Every Day, Joycesqueanisms the wit and wisdom of André Joyce, All Things Are Possible the best of Mpossibilities, The Hierogamous Songbook

2020- publisher of Are You Shirley Temple's Cousin?, Quarantine Games, projectionist at St. Leo parish

2021- publisher of Far Away Places with Strange Sounding Names an (in)complete gazetteer

past accomplishments

1966 member of National Honor Society

1968-70 member of Sigma Pi Sigma

1970 recipient of B. S. in physics and math from University of Detroit (now University of Detroit Mercy)

1974-76 member of ELSFWA (E. Lansing Science Fiction Writers Association), Tolkien Fellowship

1975 writer for Warped Space, Frey Scientific Co.

1975-77 writer for Destrier

1975-80, 2006-7 member of Society for Creative Anachronism (Percival of Toulouse, alchemist for Barony of North Woods, Midrealm, founder of shire of Glenngliondrach, Northshield

1976 writer for Cosmic Trashcanner and Starminion

1977-2008 editor of Mpossibilities, Fortean Mysteries

1979 nonfiction writer for Mensa Bulletin

1978 editor of EnvironMensan

1978-80 editor for Morning Star newsletter; reporter for Spectrum, Fargo, ND

1980 feature writer for Plain Talk, Plain Foods Co-op, Fargo, ND; professional model

1981 poetry writer for Daily Meditation

1981-2008 editor of The Cauldron, Mythopoeic SIG

1982 reporter for News, Kalamazoo, MI

1983 writer for International Fortean Organization Journal; winner of dishonorable mention in Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest, writer for Morbius

1983-87 writer for Puzzle-M

1983-84 poet-in-residence at Our Lady of Presentation church, Cincinnati, OH

1983-89 member of St. Vincent de Paul Society, St. Leo parish, Cincinnati, OH

1983-2020 extraordinary minister of the Eucharist and server, St. Leo parish, Cincinnati, OH

1984-89 trustee of Heinold Neighborhood Services

1984-2001 Marquette Manor Bible study teacher

1984-2020 St. Leo Church prison ministry member and leader

1985 poetry writer for PM Newsletter

1987-89 poet-in-residence at Kolbe House, Cincinnati, OH

1987-90 "Question Box" and "Short Stops" writer, My People

1988 Morningstar Bookstore worker

1988-89 member in St. Leo's men's support group

1988-89 writer for The Deal Table

1990-94 E. Westwood Improvement Association secretary and trustee

1991 recipient of honorary doctorate from Cleo Society

1991-92 editor of E. Westwood Clarion

1993-2000 member of the Promised Community HBC

1994 contributor to The Rational Inquester

1996-97 librarian for Guadalupe Bible College

1998 confirmation sponsor for Carolyn Lourdes Shield

2000 publisher of Hierogamous Hymns

2000-2015 webmaster of

2002, 2008-9 actor in St. John Passion Play (scribe, temple guard, Malchus)

2002-2008 blogger at My Hierogamous Life

2003-4 webmaster of

2004 publisher of e-book Descendants of St. Clotilda

2004 publisher of on-line sheet music at Finale Showcase

2005 member of Mr. Lobo's Sleepless Knights of Insomnia

2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year2013-15 teacher for Guadalupe Bible College2018-2020 member of The Royal Scottish Dance Society2021 grandmaster of TriPeaks (XBox)