This is a collection of my own works of art and others that I collected.

This is a collection of my  artwork from coloring books I bought to pass the time during the long Michigan and North Dakota winters:

A Coloring Book of the Old Testament

A Coloring Book of  the New Testaments

A Medieval Alphabet to Illuminate

  • A A B B CC D D E E F F G G H H I J K K L L M M N

Mythical Beasts Coloring Book by Fridolf Johnson

  • amphisbaena

  • basilisk

  • centaur

  • cerberus

  • chimera

  • Chinese dragon

  • griffin

  • hippocampus

  • hippogriff

  • hydra

  • kraken

  • lamia

  • manticore

  • Medusa

  • mermaid

  • minotaur

The Illuminated Alphabet by Theodore Mentin.

  • A B C D D D E E


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