Welcome to the website of the Fortean Mysteries Special Interest Group of American Mensa. We investigate and (rarely are able to) explain the inexplicable -- strange observations: crop circles, UFOs, mysterious animal  sightings, bigfoots; strange scientific theories -- all in the not-too-serious style of Charles Hoy Fort. [Our most frequently asked question (FAQ#1) is "Who's he?"]. He is the one who began it all in his The Book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931),  Wild Talents (1932), and we continued to do so.

    The newsletter of the Fortean Mysteries SIG was Mpossibilities (pronounced "em-poss-ih-bill-it-ease"), so called because it tries to bridge that vast borderland between the impossible and the possible. (The M- is also a reference to Mensa and the Mensans who have made this such a long-lasting and special SIG.) On this site, we're going to talk about past and present mysteries and explanations plausible, implausible and mplausible. Fort's motto was "We exclude nothing."

Unfortunately some issues have been lost. :(

issue 89 He Lives (resurrection), Not-to-be-believed (DHMO, "The Science of Santa Claus", Baigong Pipes, Bob Michael), PBEs, Dragons!; Stonehenge, Stone Snake; Unusual People, Livermore Light

issue 88 Fortean TV: OSIR

issue 87 SIG News, exorcism, RUFs and the supernatural, sasqwatch, mysterious Michael, Toons, worst inventions, paranthropology

issue 86 SIG News, disturbing the undead, easiest exercise plan, Kinki science, icons, other flowings, cryptids, inventions ahead of their time, lost and found civilization, Old Farmer's Almanac 2005

issue 85 Big Cats, live dinosaurs, president saved by angels, bigfoot hoax, cold fusion, O'Leary's comet, tomacco, signs of the (end) times, Miraculous!, new math

issue 84 world did not end, monkey experiment, crop circles, CIA cover-up, Laws, patametrics, trazillion

issue 83 dowsing, conspiracy, ghost, Thought Science, contemporary holy shrines, Darwin awards, cultists, shadows, more sequences

issue 82 crop circles

issue 81 Sequences (Re)discovered, Bizarre News

issue 80 Animal Tales; Charming; Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Damn Bones

issue 79 SIG News, The Bull's Head Poltergeist, Unexplained Mysteries Newsletter, Untranslatables, Atlantology

issue 78 SIG News, Good Ol' 2000 , The New Millennium , Claus and Effect, Mind Controllers, What Happened on the Moon?, Forbidden Science, The End of Time, Strange and Unexplained Happenings, Mysteries of the Mind, Noah's Flood, Did Adam and Eve Have Navels?, Icons of Evolution, Forbidden Archeology, Relics

issue 77 An Mpossible Glossary

issue 76 Sig News, Good Ol' 2000, The New Millennium, Claus and Effect, Books, Relics, Quake

issue 75 Paleodontics, Angeloogy,, "Anpsy", Telepathy, Truly Weird, Electrinology, Uni- vs. Multi-

issue 74 Kleopatra, Surreality, Least
But Not Last, Cryptozoology, Words Can Hurt You, Boggling, Undead Unpopular, Lo! Highs, Hell, Nessie, SHC, Anno Confusionis, Great Googols, Why Do It?

issue 73 "Academia nuts", paraufology, noopneustia, psions, Sacred Palindromes of the Bible, Mary captures trespasser, websites, Milabs: Military Mind Labs and Alien Abduction, Buried Alive, Nephilim, animal and human brains
issue 72 New numbers discovered, "On the Net", Oulipiana, Books , Nova, jootsy calculus

issue 71 Aliens, Demons, Bootfoot, Insectoids, Vampires and Werewolves, O My! Miracles, Miscellaneous

issue 70 (Mar. '99) Fort's Books, Foot Books, Fort on the Web, Blackholeyness, New Ways to Get High

issue 69 News, More Sequences, Borderline On-line, Pataphysics, News: Fortean & Bogus, Science Frontiers, Blackholing, Holy Mysteries!

issue 68 (Nov. '98) An Infinity of Nfinities, Non-verbal Communication, Books, Loompanics

issue 67 (Sep. '98) 1999 OFA, Titanic, TOSCOD, Laws, More Mysteries, Bible Code

issue 66 (Feb. '98) Web Weirdness, Word Weirdness

issue 65 Travels with Charlie Fort (places we "visited"during our summer vacation via The National Directory of Haunted Places and Sacred Sites

issue 64 Newies, Books, On TV

issue 63 Synchos, Dreaming Detective, Strange Universe, etc.

issue 62 (Apr. '96) Overbyte, From A to A, Astro-numb-y, Pataphysics, Paraufology

issue 61 (Feb. '96) When the S-ain'ts, Wondrous, Greco-Hebrew, Nelogogisms, Huna Ha Rite, Abduction Therapy, Rainbow Technology, Analogies

issue 60 ('95) Wordprocessing, letter, Strange TV, Strange Books, ICR, The Strangeness of the Ordinary, More Murphy

issue 59½ (Aug. '94) Godel, Escher, Bach; New Energy, On TV, JSSE, ICR, Cosmic Mysteries, Forbidden Archeology, Mysterious World

issue 59 Gravity, Murphy's Law, Foold U.

issue 58 (Apr. '93) Old Laws; Greater, Greater, Greater; Letters, Monsters, Murder Mysteries, Super!, Splish, Spash; Living Rocks, Elvishness, Ice Dating

issue 57 (Nov. '92) Hypernumbering, Letter, Close Encounter, Greys, Which Witch?, Fortfest, Forteans, Miraculous

issue 56 Happy 15!, Eerier!, Quest, Anpsi, UFO, Smez, Letters, Theorious, Drac, etc., Neontology, I'll Be Blowed

issue 55 Cosmos, Elvis Lives!, Dreerie, Books, Letters, Numbers, New News, Craft's Grafts

issue 54 (June '91) On War, On TV, Letters, Books, 1991, New! New! New!, Brains, Nostradamus, Perpetual Motion, Ghosts

issue 53 Letters, Books, Microsaurs, Wild!, Shocking!, Chaotic, Baloney?, Hypercharge, Quasi-terms, Fractals

issue 50 (July 1989) HE, Letters, Atlantis, Unknown, Paradoxy, Oldies, Weird, Flat, Gho$t$, AIQ, Eureka

issue 49 XII!, SN1987A, Them, Auric, Leviathgan, Unknown, Intriguing, Azurians

issue 46 Letters, Books

issue 45 (Mar. 1988) SIG News, Forteanism, Do Not Enter, Dino Mite!, Big Foot, Books, Strange Mysteries. Letters, Mansonians, Overwhelming!, From Beyond, FLOP

issue 43 (July 1987) Cryptozoology, Fabulous Beasts and Demons

issue 42 (Mar. 1987) Happy 10th, Limbo, Dewitching, Danger, Oldies, Rescue, BVM, BHM, Brilliant!, Male Milk, Mammothicles, the Pi-men, Fiction?, Unsolved, Letters

issue 41 (Dec. 1986) Four-D, 2-D Fruity, A Letter, Poof!, Ghostbusted, a Cryptogram, Books, Eureka!, Cubology, #1, Oops!, Pope Joan, Pres. Marge, 1987

issue 39 (Aug. 1986) Angels, Pale-eontology, Theoretically, Mad Witches, Conspiracy, UMOs, Believe It..., ...Or Else!, Able Baker, Letters, IRSC, Faithstealer

issue 37 Letters, Zener cards, ads

issue 35 Answers, SIG News, Saurocide, Books, Letters, Transparent Chinese-dragon Fightingfish

issue 32 (June 1984) SIG News, WARNING, Lost Cat, Greenies, Gruesome, Deathstar, M0Ks, Echoes of the Ancient Skies, Words, Where?, Superstars, Lizzie, Keep on Trekin'!

issue 30 SIG News, The Shroud, Pre-Columbians, Books, Animal Tales, A Quiz, Archeometrology, Forteans Unite, Red M&Ms, Blue Meanies, W Wordlist

issue 29 Pioneer 10, UFOs, Missing Time, hoaxing, Danikenism, breatharianism, Saturn

issue 28 What to Do?, Books, Etc., Supernova, Vela, Wicca, Mars Effect, U Wordlist

issue 27 NDE, IBE, the Shroud, mysteriology, ghosts, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Stonehenge, In Search Ofs

issue 25 SIG News, MIBs?, Seeing the Light, Amazing, Mrs. Bankses, Have You Seen This Creature?, S Wordlist

issue 24 Soc. of Indecency to Naked Animals, SSP, OOBE, ABSM, the Shroud, seaserpents, the Coso artifact, skycritters, robopathy, divertisements

issue 23 SIG News, Oak I., Q Words, For Sale, OOBE, Flash!, Proof?, a letter, werewolves, Satanism, animal ghosts, Sasquatch, ?, Forteana, Prophesies, the Astrobra, Bubbles, Rumors, a sexchange, Quantum Billiards, BVM, Atlantis, Apemen, ETI, Possibilities

issue 22 the Shroud, miracles, shrinking planets, Who Shot JFK?, psychophysics, unicorn, Dougherty I., Raucive circuit, maverick stars, pancake psychology

issue 21 Dog Cures Blindness, Bouncing Back ... to Life, Believing Is Seeing, Wright-Patterson Revisited, Letters, Jumping Man, Three-Toes, ...Blowing in the Wind, Bulgarian Twins, Hostages, a Theory, Last Mammoth, Mathemagic?, A New Science, Proof in the Putting, O Wordlist, Apishness, Intelligent Life

issue 20 on Broca's Brain, Lists II, Blue-seven phenomenon, vampires, quackamoo, Saturn, Big Bird, the Shroud, cablemites, robotology, zygephrenia, sasquatch, Phillip Phenomena

issue 18 Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?, the Shroud, Letters, Crossword Puzzle, What Is Reality?, Blind Prophets of Easter Island, Science/Witchcraft?, SIG News, Coincidences

issue 17 Who Built This Monument?, The One and Only Marsh 3, Shocking, Letters, L Wordlist, Books, Eggsighting News, SIG News, A Summer Sermon, ore Lunacy, SAD MADAM Syndrome, God Takes Off 102 Pounds, Dowser Does It, Fall River Mystery, A Flasher?, Universe, UFO Cover-up, 3,500,000,000-year-olds

issue 16 Food of the Gods Anyone?, Brain-damaged Girl Graduates from College, A Ghost Story, Letters, Astronomical News, K Wordlist, SIG News, End Near, New Senses/New Sciences, Two New Diseases, Doc Disappears, the Bristol Hum, the Bartley Light, Selfish DNA, Reviews, Show Biz, Shark!, Closer Encounters

issue 15 Baffling, "Ancient" Prisoner, Love Potions, God's Done it Again, Thermal Anomalies, Cattlemutilators, Cosmic Bubble, Cave Martians, Man-eating Lizard, Bigfoot Prints, SIG News, J Wordlist, News, Shroud

issue 14 Moon Hoax, SIG News, Rock Music, I Wordlist, Letters, Motel of Mysteries, Messy Nessie, Humanoids, Drs. Dumbfounded, Supernatural Selection

issue 13 RG, Arachne Network, Pig 311, on Astronomy and cycles, Anne Whateley, BVM Sighting, H wordlist, Comments on What-ifs, Formenstrahlen

issue 12 Devil's Hoofprints, What Ifs?. On SHC, A Sky Mystery, Evolution vs. Creation, The Temperate Sun, G Wordlist

issue 11 SIG News, cupmarks, Manna of St. Nick, MAs, hypernumbers, Second Look, Scotography & CLB Therapy, Kensinton Runestone, Books, F Wordlist, Your Help Is Needed

issue 10 SIG News, On Life, E Wordlist, Publications, The Shroudman

issue 9 Lo!, etc., Letters, True Story of Fatima, On Hauntings, D Wordlist, Gadgets from the Borderland, Critters, Or Death, Contest, More MAs

issue 4 Into Black Holes, Tunguska -- comet, not black hole, Mysterious Disappearance, SIG News, Male Milk, Most People, Moon-worms, Moon Glyphs, Lost Padre Mine, Green Children, Zetetic, Velikovsky & Milanovitch, Diviner's Handbook, Pony-lemmings, New Matter

issue 2 (June 1977) Bermuda Triangle, Lost Civilization, Hot-blooded Dinosaurs, Minn. Iceman, hoax-proof, Shroud again, Incorruptibles,; Foots, Little, Booted & Bare, St. Quetzalcoatl, "definitions", Ogopogo, Magawr, Is nothing sacred?

issue 1 (Mar. 1977) "In the heart of the Cheese", (Where) Does von Daniken Fit?, New Light on Mayan Origins, Tranquility Base 1500 BC, Warning Signs of Forteanism, The Shroud of Turin: Fortean?, On Another Moon, Phobos; Yet Another Moon, Uranus; Notice for Sasquatchers, and Rainmakers, Manna: edible falls, Price's Law, Alive with the Sound of Music