• "Babes of Targath, The" The Protector comes to the rescue of every Targathian by leading a miraculous mass exodus from Empyrion to a new colony on Ganymede. Dr. Lazareth adds yet another verse, "Kock brul het wak nam Targath-ke nupvuz wob, la wak turrut." ("Every time that I hear a Targathian baby cry, verily I believe.") to “La Wak Turrut” ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon, "Ganymede or Bust" by Den Valdron, Galactica Con Forums, “La Wak Turrut”, “The Three Amigos”]

  • berithium: beryllium-lithium polymer used as a reactor coolant in the NSEA ships ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon], but sometimes with dangerous neutron radiation leakage [“The Icicles of Pentillium”, "A Vacation to the Past",]

  • “Banned from Arrgho”: filksong referencing “Arrgho” episode [by “Francis X. Purgator”]

  • Bbudh: devolved Dhubb, played Funn Games (“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Funn and Games”)

  • beryllium sphere: beryllium coated nodule of unstable bronzium [inspired beryllium sphere bomb in "The Shadow" (1994)]

  • Best of the Bulletin, The: collection of the best from The NSEA Bulletin, featuring such classic articles as “”Chicago Con: $100,000 Fan Ripoff?” by Janet Bozarth-Smith, “Shortcuts through Space in Galaxy Quest” by Marc and Drew Golding, “The Psychology of Dr. Lazarus’ Popularity” by Dr. Glorianna Rovelstad, “Galaxy Quest Time Travels” by Walter Houston (with rebuttal by James Irwin), “A Galaxy Quest How-to” by Stuart Kiel, “Taggart’s Little Black Book” by James Irwin (with rebuttal by MacBeth Carlson), “Banned from Arrgho” by Francis X. Purgator, “Galaxy Quest: The Movie – A Year Later” by D. Anna Rafferty, "Reconstructing Galaxy Quest: Backstory Ideas" by Dalton S. Spence, “Stranger Than ‘Stranger Than Fiction’” by Azar

  • Beyond Galaxy Quest: sequel to author's The Physics of Galaxy Quest on metaphysics [by M. Krauss Lawrence]

  • Beyond Tawny: Galaxy Quest and Other Memories: autobiography by Gwen DeMarco [Galaxy Quest fandom website]

  • Bff: Galactic Union diplomat Ttfn's daughter who befriends Tawny and Larado ["Bff"]

  • "Bff": In an apparent digital conveyor accident while picking up a Galactic Union diplomat Ttfn and his family, Tawny becomes Laredo's age and Laredo becomes Tawny's gender. They and the rest of the crew try to adjust, which is made easier when they bond with the diplomat's daughter Bff. The Protector however won't accept them in their new forms and by the time they reach their destination, Starf, still won't take any orders from either of them. Ttfn makes Bff return Tawny and Laredo back to their normal selves and her family shift from Human into their next shape, Starfish. [inspired "The Dauphine" by Scott Rubenstein and Leonard Mlodinow)

  • Binkley, Gregg: questarian, played himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" and "C.H.U.D. II: Bud the Chud" (1989)

  • bivrakium: [from bivrak, aka honey buzzard, Pernis apivorus] one of the most profitable exports of Leopold VI, usually stabilized with a krevlite housing and used to fix a fused reactor ["The Bivrakium Element", "The Omega Mutiny", "Galaxy Quest" by Howard Gordon]

  • "Bivrakium Element, The" Cmdr. Taggart courageously took on the small alien army to save the fallen Dr. Lazarus. Dr. Lazarus’ impassioned defense peppered with Tev'meckianisms, such as "Pef trom grabthar trut hom poj shod wak." ("By the hammer of Grabthar, they would have nailed me."), "Trut dre fen-dan mak'tar fen-dan tas." ("He who saves the life of a Mak'tar saves the life of a friend.") and "Khax za thack. Khax gru'tock." ("Never give up, never surrender!" ), softened up the judges. Nevertheless, it took both Madison and Chen as well to explain to a court martial the necessity of seeking out -- and blowing up -- the illegal transmutation plant on Peraxis V. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

  • Bluechild: small, primitive azurian on a beryllium sphere mining colony planet ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"], who became much less of a problem after Chen removes Goriknak the rock giant ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"], or Kwan does ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"]

  • Bozarth-Smith, Janet: questarian contributor to NSEA Bulletin

  • "Bridge Bunny": Television Tropes and Idioms article contrasting Tawny Madison to the stereotypical spaceship officer eye candy

  • bronzium: unstable copper-tin polymer [Robert Kosek], stablized by beryllium ["The Shadow" (1994)], because of its ability to store psychic energy, [Jacketed Obsession by Aurora Dvora], next only to true silver or mithril [The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien] and so important in the history of warfare in the mithril-poor Jedi and other galaxies


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