• I Am Not Lazarus: autobiographical book by Alexander Dane, prequel to post-revival I Am Lazarus [the one with Dr. Lazarus on the cover, Galaxy Quest fandom website]

  • I Am Lazarus: autobiographical book by Sir Alexander Dane, sequel to pre-revival I Am Not Lazarus, with introduction by Frank Ross [the one with Sir Alexander Dane on the cover, Galaxy Quest fandom website]

  • Iathenans: pencil-thin humanoids who identify Dr. Lazarus as prophesied Maeninol ("Quest for the Stellar Nursary" by Mandy Marguerite]

  • "I Cannot Tell A Lie": Television Tropes and Idioms article which like "Innocent Aliens" holds Thermians up as prime example of honesty

  • "Icicles of Pentillium, The": The Protector is sent to Pentillium after an unannounced thermal-neutron blast sends ripples through the Milky Way. The galaxy’s fragile peace is threatened by bad vibrations from the frigid wasteland. Cmdr. Taggart and his crew discover that a hidden holo-plant actually faked the blast. With accusations and counter-accusations flooding all communications, they manage to gain control of the plant and send out a pangalactic holographic smiley-face. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke]

  • "If Quellek Had Lived": Alex/Quellek fanfic by missfae in which Thermians are incredibly bisexual with duplicate organs

  • "I Love Yoo 2": Yoo 2's and Louisiana Smith's wedding is running into problems, not the least of which are Yoo 3 through 12 (inspired "Second Chances" by Mike Medlock)

  • Ingersol, Gwen: wife of "Roc" Ingersol in Roc/Gwen fanfic

  • Ingersol, Jane: wife of "Roc" Ingersol in Roc/Jane fanfic

  • Ingersol, Lailari: wife of "Roc" Ingersol in Roc/Lailari fanfic

  • Ingersol, Tawny: wife of "Roc" Ingersol in Roc/Tawny fanfic

  • Ingersol, Victor Rockwell "the Roc": (Guy Fleegman) security chief of the Protector III, ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"] who previously served on the Concord, Kennedy, Rebellious, Starsearcher, Traveler, Ulysses, Venture, Xavier [Guy’s website,] and on the ill-fated ship Trojan under Lazarus' father, Lt. Cmdr. Trip LaTorr

  • "Innocent Aliens": Television Tropes and Idioms article giving Thermians as example of ultimate innocent aliens, see "I Cannot Tell A Lie"

  • "Inventional Wisdom": Television Tropes and Idioms article explaining the necessity for the Choppers in the Protector as a running-the-gauntlet rite-of-passage, comparing it to "Return to Witch Mountain", see "Smashing Hallways Traps of Death"

  • Ipthar: ["spouse of God"] Nike-like goddess whom Quellek thanks when he thinks he has survived, in the last moments of his life ["Galaxy Quest" by David Howard and Robert Gordon, "Tales of the Mak'Tar"], see Mary, Our Lady of Victory

  • Irwin, James: questarian contributor to NSEA Bulletin


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