• Jannakia: Thermian bit by vampire ["Guest Starring"]

  • Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency: (JAXA) Japan's 2003 answer to US's Space Exploration Agency

  • "Jason, Nobody's Flying the Ship": Protector II collides with alternate Protector that collided with neutron comet in Abyrian sector [by the Fishkeeper]

  • JAXA: Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency

  • Jen'tka: slimy cephalopodan mercenaries who replaced the reptilian Fatu-Krey and were replaced by the cyborg Gem-Hadar ["Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues", "Habitation" "Galaxy Quest: The Movie", "Deep Space 9"]

  • Jesus: to Whom Crewman Number Six ["Attack on Volatrex 3", aka Numerus Sextus] and Crewman Zwölf ["A Crack in the Mirror"], and Guy Feegleman ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"] call to for help, see Mary

  • Jonbar junction: point at which two alternative timelines branch, such as when reality become unreality or vice versa

  • "Journey Continues, The": Cmdr. Taggart comes out of semi-retirement as a part-time lecturer at Starseacher Academy to negotiate a peace treaty for some harassed Thermian scientists. When that goes badly, he recruits his old shipmates with the Thermians’ new Protector II. After winning one battle against the Fatu-Krey warlord Sarris in the Tothian mind field, the crew has to find a replacement beryllium sphere. Chen rescues the Commander from a pig-lizard and a rock giant, so he can stop the Protector’s self-destruct, save the deck crew with the Omega 13, and survive a crash landing on Earth, before finally shooting Sarris with a plasma pistol. ["The New Adventures of Galaxy Quest"]

  • Joytan plague: unpleasant disease from pleasure plant Joyta, cured only by aranar (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

  • Joytans: light-brown-skinned and friendly bar owners of Arggho spaceport (“Arrgho”, “Banned from Arrgho”)

  • "Just in Time": Television Tropes and Idioms article explaining the necessity of saving the day at the last second as in virtually every episode of "Galaxy Quest"


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