• Wagneria: homeworld of Crewmen Zwölf ["Crack in the Mirror"] and Fümf ["Stardust"]

  • "Warlord of Cvar": The Protector first enters Cvarian space and is attacked by the warlord of Cvar [shown after "Peacemaker of Cvar" in Great Britain, Feff"s UK Jason Nesmith fanclub website]

  • Warvan: binary system with two suns or the god of wisdom, king of all the gods, who sired two sons from a savage Mak’tar woman, from which both savage and civilized Mak'tar come ["Tales of the Mak’tar" by Stefanie Fleck] The two suns/sons are Meecha and Tev. The savage Meechans destroyed Tev'meck, Tev's habitable planet.

  • Webber, Gwen: wife of Tommy Weber in Tommy/Gwen fanfic

  • Webber, Jane: wife of Tommy Webber in Tommy/Jane fanfic

  • Webber, Lailari: wife of Tommy Weber in Tommy/Lailari fanfic

  • Webber, Tawny: wife of Tommy Webber in Tommy/Tawny fanfic

  • Webber, Tommy: played Laredo in "Galaxy Quest" (1982-85), worked as busboy after high school, Daryl Mitchell in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" (1999), author of autobiography, To the Stars (1986), detective L. T. Dicky in "L. T. Dicky" (2000) [A New Adventure by Tony Lee Healey]

  • Whatifitcon: "Astro Quest" convention, not to be confused with a GalCon

  • Whatton, Brandon: (played by Brandon Long) in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon], in "Planet 51" (2008)

  • Whatton, Katlyn: wife of Brandon Whatton in Brandon/Katlyn fanfic

  • “What Would You Do for a Plemming Problem”: filksong inspired by “A Plemming Problem”

  • White, John Patrick: questarian, played A. J. Malloy in "A. J.'s Time Travellers" (1995), Victor in "Third Rock from the Sun" (1996), himself in "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" and De'Tox in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" (1999)

  • "Who Needs Einstein's Theory of Relativity when you've got a Chakram?": Real Adventure/Xena xover fanfic by Sandy Fiebranz

  • "Witch-queen of Guk": Princess Mirabanna and her Handmaiden are called to help Cmdr. Taggart out when he lets the Protector fall into the hands of Zellda, the witch-queen of Guk and her zeroid robots [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's "Terrahawks" by Tony Barwick, Zelda of Hyrule RPG]

  • "With Special Guest": Real Adventure version of "Long Live Princess Mirabanna" [by Lucinda]

  • "Wormhole in Time": The Protector becomes trapped in a wormhole time bump in which the crew witness their own deaths. While Chen gets all systems back online, Cmdr. Taggart cunningly gets help from their ghosts to save the ship before the time bump collapses. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke, inspired Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: “Visionary" by John Shirley]

  • “Wrath of Sarris, The”: Tada Takai assumes the leadership of the Fatu-Rey from his twin Sarris, but with much different results


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