• L’Riss: Elder of Tev’Meck, friend of Lazarus’s family, wife of T’Noseen, died with Tev’meck ["Return to Planet Amexon", "Return to Tev’meck", "Resurrection"]

  • L’Tisha: niece of Mak’tar Elders T’Noseen and L’Riss, friend of Lazarus‘s family ["Return to Tev’meck"], died with Tev’meck ["Resurrection"]

  • Laenph’p: devolved Paenph’l, lost in Funn Games (“The Pirates of Arrgho”, “Funn and Games”)

  • Lailari: (played by Jane Doe) second non-Human member of the Protector III crew ["Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures"]

  • Larilai of Theramin: played Missi Pyle in "Galaxy Quest: Movie", voiced Stacy Waxman in "The Tick: Arthur Needs Space" (2001), played Windy Sommers in "Roswell: Control", Hope in "Heroes" (2006)

  • Lank: Thermian ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"]

  • "Larak Tarath!": Mak'tar strength chant, actually swear words as indicated by the taboo final -th ["Mystery Science Theater Presents 'Galaxy Quest'"], meaning "Damned weakness!", from "Tharat karal!" ("Blessed strength!") chanted backwards, though sounding like the prayer, “La Wak Turrut” (“Verily I Believe”)

  • Laredo: (played by Tommy Webber) He had been born in a climate-controlled dome city and raised on constant stimulation ["Devotion"], youngest helmsman in the NSEA on the Protector 2382-85 ["Galaxy Quest", inspired Wesley Crusher of "Star Trek: The Next Generation"]

  • Laredo, Gwen: wife of Laredo in Laredo/Gwen fanfic

  • Laredo, Jane: wife of Laredo in Laredo/Jane fanfic

  • Laredo, Lailari: wife of Laredo in Laredo/Lailari fanfic

  • Laredo, Tawny: wife of Laredo in Laredo/Tawny fanfic

  • Lareth: [Theral backward] Dr. Lazareth’s younger brother, son of Luchien and Lazienne, twin of Lethe ["Return to Tev’meck"], his maternal uncle, son of Luchien and Lazienne, twin of Lethe, who died with Tev’meck ["Resurrection"]

  • Largos: dissenter against the Treeb sect of Thermian theologians [“Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues”]

  • “Last First One, The”: last First One uses GQ RPG to recruit the Protector V crew to carry on (retro-seredipitiously inspiring “The Last Starfighter”, “StarGate: Universe”)

  • Last Son of Tev'Meck: highly creative biography of Dr. Lazarus [retro-seredipitiously inspired Last Son of Krypton]

  • Lathe, Rak: lieutenant in the Fatu-Krey army under Sarris ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"]

  • LaTorr, Trip: served with Chen on Surpasser [Fred Chen’s MySpace website], father of Lazarus of Traveller, captured by the Meechans in the destruction of Tev'meck ["Resurrection"]

  • “La Wak Turrut”: [Verily, I Believe”] Mak’Tar song sung by Dr. Lazarus frequently

  • "Lazarus, Come Forth": [John 11:43] New Adventure episode in which Lazarus finds the Meechans, but he is killed and Taggart unconscious, until they are revived by acting Commander Madison's activation of the Omega 13 [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record’s "Star Trek: The Search for Spock"]

  • Lazarus, Dr.: [Tev'Meckian Lazzarrus "very last offspring"] (played by Alexander Dare) born 2345 to Lt. Cmdr. Tripp LaTorr and Lazienne of Mak'tar, brother of Lareth and Lethe, earned doctorate at Mak'tar Science Academy before Meeshans’ attempted genocide of the Mak'tar [or in the alternative ending of "Lazarus, Lazarus" the successful genocide, after which he is revived by the Leptoids, much as was "Penny Priddy" (Peggy Simpson Banzai, in the alternative ending of "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension" by Earl Mac Rauch (1984)], warrior-diplomat of the Galactic Union, on the Protector under Cmdr. May and science office with Lt. Leonard Neboy, under Cmdr. Trout and with Lt. Com. Peter Quincy Taggart [dr_lazarus MySpace website], 2381-2405 under Peter Quincy Taggart [dr_lazarus MySpace website]

  • Lazarus, Gwen-ke ip: wife of Lazarus in Lazarus/Gwen fanfic

  • Lazarus, Jane-ke ip: wife of Lazarus in Lazarus/Jane fanfic

  • Lazarus, Lailari-ke ip: wife of Lazarus in Lazarus/Lailari fanfic

  • "Lazarus, Lazarus": On December 17, 2383, the feast of St. Lazarus, Dr. Lazarus finally shares with his friends how his parents prophetically named him Lazarus, meaning "very last progeny" in his mother’s native Tev’Meckian and "whom God helps" in his father’s traditional Hebrew [by Lewin Hurley, incorporated into "On the Edge of Forever City"], in the alternative ending it is revealed that God helped via Red Lectroids, who had done nothing to prevent the genocide, who raised him from the dead. Chen on the Surpasser found the young Mak'tar with the ancestral memories of his whole race's civilization and the accelerated growth of their enemy. He grew to adulthood in less than two years at the Starseacher Academy, obtaining several doctorates, before joining Chen and classmate Laredo on the Protector. [Galaxy Quest Episode Guide by Travis Latke, inspired "Silicon Avatar" by Lawrence V. Conley, and "Sins of the Father" by Ronald D. Moore and W. Reed Morgan and "Family" by Ronald D. Moore].

  • Lazareth, Tawny-ke ip: wife of Lazarus in Lazarus/Tawny fanfic [“Return to Tev’Meck”]

  • Lazarus typology: proposed by Dr. Lazarus in "Lazarus, Lazarus" and further explained in I Am Lazarus by Sir Alexander Dane, in opposition to coincidence hypothesis promoted in his earlier book, I Am Not Lazarus. It proposes that Lazarus is a quantum superposition of many different states of existence and that what is perceived as real depends on the point of view of the observer as in J. W. Dunn's Serial Universe Theory. Since they ultimately all have the same Origin in God, His Creation and Man’s sub-creations (“On Fairy-Stories” by J. R. R. Tolkien) are all interconnected as precognitive dreams, as confirmed in "Honor the Dreamers" by Heather Alexander. Although the sequence can vary, it typically goes: a story experienced, told of, written of, read about, acted out, viewed, re-told, re-written, re-viewed, re-enacted, re-lived. Some questarians even include the prophetic: pre-telling, pre-writing, pre-viewing, pre-enacting, pre-living. Each step in the series requires at least a new dream, if not a new dreamer.

  1. Lazarus of Abraham’s Bosom, died and unglorified [Luke 16:22)

  2. Lazarus of Alexander Dane ["Galaxy Quest: The Original Series"]

  3. Lazarus of Bethany, alive first time [John 11:1, 12:1-11]

  4. Lazarus of Bethany, alive second time [John 11:]

  5. Lazarus of Brian Nissen, leper-lover-turned-leper ["Lazarus Lives"]

  6. Lazarus of Cezary Harasimowicz, Mozambiquean orphan threaten by wealthy ["Lazarus"]

  7. Lazarus of Jesus’ parable [John 21:25]

  8. Lazarus of Luke [Luke 16:20

  9. Lazarus of Mathesar ["Protector II"]

  10. Lazarus of David Howard and Robert Gordon ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

  11. Lazarus of Sir Alexander Dane ["Galaxy Quest: The New Adventures"]

  12. Lazarus of the Kingdom, glorified [Matthew 5:3]

  13. Lazarus of Tev'Meck [Historical Records Guide]

  • Lazienne: lifemate of Luchien, mother of Lazareth, and twins Lareth and Lethe, ["Return to Tev'meck"], wife of Lt. Cmdr. Trip LaTorr, who both died with Tev'meck ["Resurrection"]

  • Lectroids: Red and Black hairless humanoids from Planet Ten. The Red Lectroids mock-threatened Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers into defeating the evil Red Lectroids, and bring back to life his beloved "Penny Priddy" ["The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension" by Earl Mac Rauch], revealed to be Buckaroo's presumed dead bride Peggy Simpson, hypnotized by Fu Manchu alias Hanoi Xan, into thinking she was her identical twin ["Buckaroo Banzai Against the World Crime League"], resurrected Dr. Lazarus [“Lazarus, Lazarus” alternative ending,]

  • Leitren: enemy race in "Protector II"

  • Lethe: Dr. Lazareth’s sister, daughter of Lazienne and Luchien, twin of Lareth, ["Return to Tev’meck"], died with Tev’meck ["Resurrection"]

  • "LFA Quest": "Galaxy Quest" parody by Charles Roberts with Cmdr. Alexander Anthors Storms, Dr. Quack, Fifi Tyers, Tech Sergeant Ben, and Soredo in Lightning Force Agency

  • Liamoto: Elder of Tev’meck, friend of Lazarus’s family, husband of M’ianne ["Return to Planet Amexon", "Return to Tev’meck", "Resurrection"]

  • Liliamesa: Thermian mutineer ["Guest Starring"]

  • Liltian "Lilt" Kaplan: Thermia Thermian, twin of Lithian Kaplan ["Protector II"]

  • Limp’ses: devolved Simp’ls, lost in Funn Games (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

  • Lishians: Deemo colonists on Lish which Chen bested in drinking contest at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arggho”)

  • Lithian "Lith" Kaplan: Thermia Thermian, twin of Liltian Kaplan ["Protector II"]

  • Loff: Chen-look-alikes, allies of Thermians against Takonian Empire ["A New Adventure" by Tony Lee Healey]

  • Lon: ensign on the Protector I ["Devotion"]

  • Long, Brandon: (played by Brandon Whatton) questarian ["Galaxy Quest: The Movie"]

  • Long, Katlyn: wife of Brandon Long in Brandon/Katlyn fanfic

  • "Long Live Princess Mirabanna": The Protector is forced to stop for supplies at Princess Mirabanna's world, but she refuses Taggart's offer of protection, demonstrating by her and her handmaid killing a fangor beast with sword and hand blast ["With Special Guest"]

  • “Lost Planet, The”: Sarris' twin brother Tada Taiki seeks to avenge his brother's murder [inspired "Voyager II: The Lost Planet"]

  • "Lost Outpost, The": while pursuing Phibian pirates the Protector discovers a long-lost outpost of the ancient T'kalandon empire. Both pursuers and pursued are threatened by its beautiful, but deadly, sentinel. [inspired "That Which Survives" by Michael Richards, inspired "The Last Outpost" by Richard Krzemien]

  • “Love and Spaceship": remake of "Every Crewman Loves His Ship" in which DeMarco was the voice of the ship computer ["Futurama"]

  • "Love Reflector, The": The Protector visits the planet Herekos, which Cmdr. Taggart soon pleasantly discovers seems to be populated entirely with beautiful women. He does not heed Ingersol‘s warnings, and finds himself shrunk like the other men of the planet down to six inches. The Queen Bee thinks he’s "just a living doll" and wants to keep him forever. Chen says the digital conveyor is on the blink -- literally -- so Tawny leads a rescue plan involving reprogrammed appearance generators to rescue their impulsive Cmdr.. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record’s "The Adventures of Don Quick" episode by Keith Miles]

  • Luann of Bajor: wife of Richard Taggart, mother of Flynn Taggart

  • Luchien: lifemate of Lazienne, father of Lazarus, Lareth and Lethe, ["Return to Tev’meck"], Mak’tar suitor