• Octavius: android crewman from Nova Roma who sacrificed himself to save Protector crew in Mirad'llah civil war ["Stardust"]

  • Odgreans: from Odgrea, noted for potions like at bazaar at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

  • Odysseus: SGC starship that saved Protector II during GalCon XXV ["Escalation"]

  • "Old and the Beautiful, The": Cmdr. Taggart has a rendezvous with Princess Karma, but has suddenly aged [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record's a "Quark" episode by Bruce Kane]

  • Olian guava: guava from Olian empire ["Star Trek: Voyager"]

  • Olians: intergalactic empire including a dozen galaxies ["The Cthulian Craft", Olian Okamie the Jedi galaxy pirate]

  • Omachiva: duke and would-be suitor of Princess Mirabanna, defeated by Cmdr. Taggart ["Guest Starring", "Return to Delphos"]

  • "Omega Mutiny, The": In 2381 a mutiny takes place among the crew of the Volax pirate ship, the Omega, over their booty, even though they not only killed their captain, but all of the archeological expedition who knew what it does. They are squabbling among themselves when the Protector shows up in search of krevlite-housed Leopoldian bivrakium to fix their fused reactor and after the 13 surviving mutineers are captured Chen installs what he dubs the Omega 13, just to see if he could, which as always, he could. ["Galaxy Quest Episode Guide" by Travis Latke, "Galaxy Quest: The Movie" by David Howard and Robert Gordon]

  • Omega 13: deus-ex-machina matter re-arranger that in effect restores the ship and everything in it, except the person pushing the "reset button", to the state they wish it to be, since it also restores itself, activating it recharges it ["The Omega Mutiny", "Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues"], the same principle was used by Frank Parker (“Seven Days”) but covered up by SGC [“Guilty Pleasures” by Dalton S. Spense”)

  • "On the Edge of Forever City": The Protector encounters a crystalline space city which reflects the most emotional moment from each crewmember’s past. Madison sees her father, Ezekiel Zebediah Madison III, as she left EZ Cybernetics for Starseeker Academy. Dr. Lazarus sees his own parents, one Human, one Mak’Tev, together for the last time. Cmdr. Taggart sees his beloved Joan Edith die during the Darkanians’ attack on the Arcadia and remembers her last words, "Never give up! Never surrender!", Chen meets Lailari [Galaxy Quest Thanksgiving special by Arlan Hellison]

  • "ORAC": The Protector answers a distress call but not quite quickly enough. Dr. Lazarus finds that the crew is all dead, except for one fatally wounded survivor, Ensor, who tells of his father‘s greatest invention, ORAC, a super-computer able to accurately predict the future. To reach the hidden scientist Cmdr. Taggart and Ingersol have to evade the Phibian pirates the Ensors had been trying to flee. The dying scientist makes them promise not to let ORAC fall into their evil tentacles. ORAC predicts the destruction of an NSEA starship! They digitize up to the ship with ORAC and the chase begins. They’re being pursued by the security chief’s old ship, the Traveller! With the help of ORAC’s predictions the Protector wins, but the Traveller is lost, for good this time. [retro-seredipitiously inspired Historical Record of classic first season cliff-hanger of "Blake’s 7"]

  • Ordohp: rivals of Madj at bazaar at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

  • orleev: very valuable currency used by the Dzallish (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)


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