• "Valentine for Tawny, A": after his "Return to Tev'meck" dream, Dr. Lazarus asks Madison to be his lifemate [by Rose]

  • Venture: NSEA starship "Roc" Ingersol served on before the Protector ["Roc" Ingersol’s security_guy MySpace website]

  • Vidi: [sing. Vidus] bovinoids jailed with Dr. Lazarus at Arggho spaceport (“The Pirates of Arrgho”)

  • virrilium: deadly gas ["The Two Faces of Avsnoyl", Road Rovers: Chaos Computer by Gerhard Naudé]

  • "V Is for Visitants": The Protector visits what seems to be a lost Thermian colony, but things, as usual, are not as they seem. Rogue Fatu-Frey are using appearance generators to impersonate the Thermians they've enslaved or killed [inspired "V" by Kenneth Johnson]

  • "Visions of Darkness": When once again confronting the Darkanians, Cmdr. Taggart remembers his first time on the Arcadia, when Joan Edith died with "Never give up! Never surrender!" her last words. [pilot, with Rachel Summers playing Rigillian computer interface specialist, incorporated into "On the Edge of Forever City"]

  • Volatrek: system in which Chen saved the mission by projecting a holographic wall of fire, but not before losing a shipmate ["Assault on Volatrek III"], see Voltrex

  • Voltrex: ["Assault on Volatrex 3" in Galaxy Quest 3] aka Volatrek ["Assault on Volatrek III"]

  • volvac sac: organ in Mak'tar which holds sibling until a later time enabling them to reproduce asexually ["Friends Never Forget"]

  • vox: NSEA’s interstellar communicator/translator [Company Intergalactic Trading]

  • "Voyagers II: The Lost Planet": mentions "Galaxy Quest" movies, T'Pol's Enterprise discovers Cylon debris [unsuccessful pilot of "Star Trek: Voyager"-like spin-off of "Star Trek: Enterprise" by Jack Daniel Higgins]


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