ability: zom
able: zom
about: eb
action: jal
after: avkhav
alien: dred
all: hos
and: kux
amen: pock
animal: top
ant: khat
any: shun
arrive: mun
as: rad
asteroid: fujdi
ate: khaz
aunt: khat
avenge: phum
avoid: laj
away: leb
away from: toh
baby: [new-child] nupvuz
baptism/baptize: gun
be: av
because: rem
become: av mun bee: av
before: avkav
blackhole: juf
bless(ed): tharat
blood: frut
bloodtick: frutwux
borrow: [not pef] phep
bottom: pref
breakfast: shev
brother: rov'meck
burn: nek
burnable: nek'zom
brick: fur
build: grur
but: khuk
buy: pef
by: pef
bye: pef
came: ham
can: gub
capable: phoz
catacomb: brarnep
cause: goz
cave: nep
cease: dred
ceasefire: brag
certain(ly): zub
child: vuz
city: ver
civilization: ver
clear: jen
collective: -noz
come: mun
common(er): zef
confusion: nej
consume: grum
continue: woj
contract: [not grep] preg
corpse: kheppot
could: brev
country: neck
crewmate: fet
cross: shum
damn(ed): [taboo] tarath
daughter: fon
day: nof
death: khep
depart: num
destroy: kob
dew: shom
difficult: lock
disciple: hovshef
dish: freb
do(er): shom
doing: jal
down: pab
dozen: [haj-thub] hab
drain: gob
dream(y): tur
drink: bref
drinkable: bref'zom
earth: faj
easily: khal
east: khef
eat: khaz
eight(h): khaz
emotion(al): juck
enemy: sat
enlarge(d): wej
error: jevrut
ever: kox
every: kock
eye: wak
face: wus
fall(s): frer
falsehood(s): jev
fast: zock
father: kom
feed(s): zox
feet: kem
female: peb
fever(s): drar
fever(ish): drar
fifth: phej
finish: las
fire(s): voz
1st person: wak
fission: id
fissionable: id'zom
five(s): phej
flat: zob
fog: nej
follow(er(s)): shef
food(s): zox
foot: mek
for: khav
forbid: ruh
forehead(s): sheg
forge: trak
forget: jub
forgettable: jub'zom
forgive(ness): muf
four(th): shan
fraction: -jef
fresh: nab
friend: tas
from: hav
furrow(s): shaz
fuse: di
gift: za
give: za
gnu: pan
go: kes
god(ly): thar
grate: graz
great: graz
greetings: fep
gross: dran
habitable: phockzom
half: truz
hammer: trom
hand(s): mek
hardly: buz
hart: vod
has: poj
have: on
he: trut
head: sheg
heart(s): vod
hearty: vod
hear: nam
heaven: bet
hell: teb
hello: fep
here: nam
hero: ip-shom
hi: lul
high: lul
hole: brus
humanoid: fefi
hundred(th): drap
I: wuk
if: tug
in: sa
inflate(d): wej
intuition(al): juk
keep(s): taz
knot: kax
know(s): pan
knowledgeable: pan'zom
land: fren
language: mat
lava: jux
learn(ing): buj
least: veb
leave: num
left: huv
last: zar
let: hur
letter: lun
life: phock
like: light: ses
livable: phock'zom
live(d): phock
longer: ped
look(s): thuv
lord: fez
lose(r): kuv
loss: kuv
lost: kuv
love(ly): nad
lovable: nad'zom:
maid(en): bok
mail: rov
made: bok
majority: bev
make(r): goj
male: rov
man(ly): fef
marriage: ipthun
marry: ip-thun
master(s): vef
matrimonial: ip'thun
may: tad
mean(t): gas
merge: di
might: sek
minority: veb
misunderstanding: jevrut
mite: sek
monster(s): shag
monstrous: shag
more: bruj
most: bev
mother: mok
mountain: map
much: trot
must(y): ban
mutant(s): shag
name(s): voj
nebula: vet
neglect: dan
never: khox
new: nup
nine(th): brom
net: [not haj] jah
new: pan
not: khax
nothing: ket
now: hap
number: nul
officer: tef
offspring: rus
old: nap
on: sheck
oneself: bras
one: vuk
only: sok
other: bax
out: ni
over: phuj
part: rox
peace: zos
peaceable: zos'zom
people(s): pot
piece: zos
place(s): bruj
planet(s): mam
possible: khad
pray: wab
preditor: baw
prevent: zog
prey: wab
protect: ip
purpose: khock
race: wan
raise up: thack
ransack: wur
recover(y): lox
remain: khes
revenge: phum
right: trun
rightable: trun'zom
rinse: nug
rise(n) up: thack
rite: trun
sack: wur
safe: ip
saint: tuj
salesman(ship): phep-fef
say: phaz
score: thuj
sea: pex
2nd: thub
see: pex
sell: [not fep] phep
sense: ruck
sent: un
serve: fev
seven(th): rug
sew: trem
shall: mal
she: los
shorter: dep
sick: lep
sister: pebmeck
six(th): lep
sky: jaf
slow: zack
so: trem
soak: ken
some: khak
space: drov
spell: lun
spouse: ip
spring of water: bog
star(ry): fuj
start: sal
stick(y): pham
stone(d): kur
stop: las
strange(r): dred
strength: karal
stretch: grep
strong: karal
such: shoj
sun: nof
sunrise: [sun-up] nofkhef
sunset: [sun-down] nofpab
surrender: gu’tock
swollen: wej
take (away): lex
talent: [biological ability] phock-zom
talented: [biologically able] phockzom
teeth: thub
ten(th): haj,
that: het
then: jog
thence: goj
there: man
think: rut
thinkable: rutzom
this: for
3(rd): zem
thought: rut
thousand(th): [(haj)gre(b)z(em)] grez
through: guck
time: brul
timeknot: gas
times: -frez
training: hov
treasure: brar
truth: vej
to: greb
tongue: wom
took: lol
tooth: thub
top: frep
toward: hot
tower: map
town: rev
two: thub
uncle: tak
unclear: nej
unfortunate: fujshum
union: thun
unstable: zef
up(on): thack
valley: pam
verily: pock
very: la
visible: pex'zom
vision: jack
wander: trav
wander(er(s)): travmoj
want: no
war: grab
wash: gun
water: truf
waterfall: truffrer
we: wuk
weak(ness): larak
well: leck
west: kef
what: hen
which: jut
whirl(ed): tev
who: dre
whole: brus
whose: brock
will: fros
witch: jut
with: roj
within: be
without: jor
wood: hom
wormhole(s): sag
world: tev
worse: trub
would: hom
write: trun
written: trun
wrote: trun
you: paf


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